About Dave

Dave Jordan started lamp working in 1990 in the pristine beauty of the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. Influenced by the early Venetian glass artist, Dave brings his love for nature and fantasy to create unique contemporary glass creations. He works with two of the finest glasses in the world, Pyrex from Corning, New York and Moretti soft glass arising from the ancient formulas of the island of Murano, Italy. The glass is brought to temperatures reaching 2000 degrees fahrenheit to be shaped into forms that eventually become the beautiful one of a kind sculpture and wearable art that
are Dave’s trademark. His artwork is sought out by some of the most select galleries and gift shops throughout Colorado, On Fire Glassworks was opened in 2001 to display his work to the public and be a place of interaction with collectors and lovers of
fine glass. Dave was also a featured artist in the Robert Redford Sundance Catalog Christmas core 2002, and also has one of his one of a kind marbles in the permanent  collection of the Corning museum of glass in Corning New York.